What’s the Role of Online Video for Franchisees?

Online video can be a great way to enhance the web presence of your franchise location, though it isn’t right for every kind of franchise. If you own a Subway franchise in a busy office park, you’re going to have a steady lunch crowd as long as your location provides the basics – speed, cleanliness, and good service. On the other hand, if you own a gym franchise in a large city or suburb, for example, online video can give viewers a great sense of what you’re all about.

How do you know if you need video?

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Would you want to see the inside of the business or hear from the owner before taking the next step and making a connection or visit? If so, online video can help. Some of the franchise types (but certainly not all) that can benefit from video include: restaurants (though not as much for fast food), fitness centers, dance centers, dent removal, cleaning companies, any type of repair or service companies, business coaching, and retail franchises.

How do you make a good video? 

These days, even a candid smartphone video looks better than a high-end camera from 20-30 years ago. If you’re trying to showcase your facility, I would recommend hiring a local pro. It’s very hard to get a good video of that type without a little help. If you’re recording a personal message, though, it’s pretty easy to make a sincere and effective video all by yourself. Check out some online video tutorials if you’re not sure how to make and upload a good video.

Any caveats?

As with anything franchise-related, you may need to get permission from your franchisor. ¬†Check your agreements to see what you’re allowed to do on your own vs what requires approval. The amount of freedom varies greatly by franchisor, so it’s best to double-check before you start uploading content.

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