Find Your Niche with Gluten Free Offerings

“Oh, another pizza place?”

When looking for your perfect fit in a pizza franchise, it is this statement you must avoid!  If your target market sees you as nothing more than one more pizza place in town, failure may be inevitable.  So what do you do to avoid this?  Find the Pizza Franchise that best fits you and your market, by knowing the newest trends in the market that a high amount of your customers may be looking for!  In this post we will be focusing on the new gluten free diet.  By deciding to go for the franchise with gluten free options, customers who are required to eat gluten free will flock to your door.  After months to years of sub-par cardboard tasteless pizzas, if you can offer these customers a tasty and beautiful gluten free pizza, you will earn their loyalty and their dollar.

Red Brick Pizza

When it comes to gluten free options Red Brick Pizza franchise takes the cake with a complete gluten-free menu avaliable, and the knowledge to back it up.  When a gluten free customer has been fighting those cravings and desires for something  more than what they have had the options for before, it is Redbrick Pizza is the one they will turn to.  From choices in Salads, Pizzas, Deserts, even Sandwiches, Redbrick Pizza goes over and above to give their gluten free customers the best of the best in Italian dining options.  Franchise opportunities are available everywhere download a Franchise Info Packet at

Pizza Hut

Yes you read that right.  Pizza Hut now is offering gluten free options.  While they’re selection is slightly limited, Pizza Hut is bringing this option to those in areas not serviced by many specialty dining options.  With a partnership with  UDI’s Gluten Free, Pizza Hut brings a gluten free pizza that the consumers can trust, from a known gluten free company.  Franchising information can be found at

With a complete gluten free menu on offer since 2008, Garlic Jim’s swears their gluten free is the best on offer.  With over 13 full pizzas available in gluten free, they blow many other franchises out of the water.  With years of experience in gluten free operations Garlic Jim’s knows what they are doing, and will make the customers feel at ease with their expertise. You can find information on franchising at





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