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Find Your Niche with Gluten Free Offerings

Find Your Niche with Gluten Free Offerings

“Oh, another pizza place?”

When looking for your perfect fit in a pizza franchise, it is this statement you must avoid!  If your target market sees you as nothing more than one more pizza place in town, failure may be inevitable.  So what do you do to avoid this?  Find the Pizza Franchise that best fits you and your market, by knowing the newest trends in the market that a high amount of your customers may be looking for!  In this post we will be focusing on the new gluten free diet.  By deciding to go for the franchise with gluten free options, customers who are required to eat gluten free will flock to your door.  After months to years of sub-par cardboard tasteless pizzas, if you can offer these customers a tasty and beautiful gluten free pizza, you will earn their loyalty and their dollar.

Red Brick Pizza

When it comes to gluten free options Red Brick Pizza franchise takes the cake with a complete gluten-free menu avaliable, and the knowledge to back it up.  When a gluten free customer has been fighting those cravings and desires for something  more than what they have had the options for before, it is Redbrick Pizza is the one they will turn to.  From choices in Salads, Pizzas, Deserts, even Sandwiches, Redbrick Pizza goes over and above to give their gluten free customers the best of the best in Italian dining options.  Franchise opportunities are available everywhere download a Franchise Info Packet at

Pizza Hut

Yes you read that right.  Pizza Hut now is offering gluten free options.  While they’re selection is slightly limited, Pizza Hut is bringing this option to those in areas not serviced by many specialty dining options.  With a partnership with  UDI’s Gluten Free, Pizza Hut brings a gluten free pizza that the consumers can trust, from a known gluten free company.  Franchising information can be found at

With a complete gluten free menu on offer since 2008, Garlic Jim’s swears their gluten free is the best on offer.  With over 13 full pizzas available in gluten free, they blow many other franchises out of the water.  With years of experience in gluten free operations Garlic Jim’s knows what they are doing, and will make the customers feel at ease with their expertise. You can find information on franchising at





The Healthier Franchise Option, Frozen Yogurt

The Healthier Franchise Option, Frozen Yogurt

While thinking of which way to go when considering opening a franchise, don’t forget to look at those with healthier options.  Healthier franchises are the wave of the future.  People are making better choices for their own health, turning away from the greasy cheese burgers to lower fat options and fresh fruit. What better way to fit into this healthier eating trend than opening a Frozen Yogurt franchise?  Cool, tasty,full of probiotics, and better for the body than most other options out there, these Frozen Yogurt franchises have no where to go but up.  Here’s two of the fastest growing Frozen Yogurt franchises for your consideration.

Red Mango Franchise

Named in Entrepreneur Franchise 500 as the Fastest Growing Franchise, and Top Food Franchise of 2014 Red Mango is an established leader in frozen yogurt franchises.  With offerings from frozen yogurt, to fresh fruit smoothies, and seasonal flavors Red Mango’s menu has something for everyone.  With bright modern stores, and a small retail footprint, Red Mango is a fit for every community.  Read more on Red Mango, and download a Free Franchise Packet at

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Opened in 2007, Menchie’s offers a variety of dairy and non-dairy frozen yogurt options.   In less than ten short years they have grown to be one of the largest frozen yogurt franchises in the world..   By selecting and combining fresh ingredients, they create distinctive products, which both taste good and are good for you.  Trying to always be a bright spot in their customers day, they design amazing environments for everyone to share a fun experience.  To learn more about Menchie’s franchising opportunities please visit

So don’t forget to consider frozen yogurt while on the hunt for your perfect franchise.





What’s the Role of Online Video for Franchisees?

What’s the Role of Online Video for Franchisees?

Online video can be a great way to enhance the web presence of your franchise location, though it isn’t right for every kind of franchise. If you own a Subway franchise in a busy office park, you’re going to have a steady lunch crowd as long as your location provides the basics – speed, cleanliness, and good service. On the other hand, if you own a gym franchise in a large city or suburb, for example, online video can give viewers a great sense of what you’re all about.

How do you know if you need video?

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Would you want to see the inside of the business or hear from the owner before taking the next step and making a connection or visit? If so, online video can help. Some of the franchise types (but certainly not all) that can benefit from video include: restaurants (though not as much for fast food), fitness centers, dance centers, dent removal, cleaning companies, any type of repair or service companies, business coaching, and retail franchises.

How do you make a good video? 

These days, even a candid smartphone video looks better than a high-end camera from 20-30 years ago. If you’re trying to showcase your facility, I would recommend hiring a local pro. It’s very hard to get a good video of that type without a little help. If you’re recording a personal message, though, it’s pretty easy to make a sincere and effective video all by yourself. Check out some online video tutorials if you’re not sure how to make and upload a good video.

Any caveats?

As with anything franchise-related, you may need to get permission from your franchisor.  Check your agreements to see what you’re allowed to do on your own vs what requires approval. The amount of freedom varies greatly by franchisor, so it’s best to double-check before you start uploading content.

If you have anything to add, or any questions, let us know in the comments!

Specialization in Crowded Markets

Specialization in Crowded Markets

There are times when a certain market just feels right for you, but at the same time you realize your local market may not have room for yet another similar business. It’s happening frequently in the frozen yogurt world, especially in places like Southern California or New York City where you can hardly walk 2 blocks without seeing another froyo shop. As a result, many frozen yogurt companies have begun to innovate more with flavors and toppings, or even add in cafe offerings like sandwiches and smoothies.

But what about other industries, like hair salon franchises? How much variation can there really be in the world of affordable hair services? You might be surprised. SportClips is one salon franchise that has chosen to specialize with great success. Rather than trying to please everyone, their sports-themed salons cater to men and boys. And why not? Men and boys may not spend as much on a typical visit, but they also need trips to the salon much more frequently than most women. It’s much more noticeable if a man skips a haircut for several months than if a woman does the same. In tough financial times, women can even go years with minimal salon intervention – but men need haircuts to stay professional for work.

Blowout bars offer another highly specialized haircare service, and franchises are just now starting to spread across the country. Many women love the way a professional blowout leaves their hair, but they also don’t want to spend $60+/week at their normal salon getting it done. It’s expensive, and it can be difficult to make appointments quickly. Companies like BLO/OUT offer quick service, online reservations, and affordable prices for people who want salon-style hair on a more regular basis. Because blowout specialists don’t necessarily need the full skillset of a normal stylist, staff salaries are often less expensive, too.

Have you ever considered opting for a specialized franchise within a larger industry? Have you followed through? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments!

Superior ROI in Senior Care and Home Care

Superior ROI in Senior Care and Home Care to the Franchise Business Review, senior care and home care may be emerging as one of the most profitable areas in franchising. Even better, the field also boasts some of the highest owner satisfaction figures.

But why are these businesses doing so well? For one thing, the population is aging.  Baby boomers are beginning to retire, and many of them are going to need some kind of assistance. That number is only expected to increase. What’s different about baby boomers, though, is the fact that they don’t want to do old age the way their parents did. They want to keep their independence as long as possible, and many turn to assisted living or in-home care as an alternative to skilled care facilities. It’s also much more economical to spend a bit on part-time help instead of spending a small fortune on 24/7 care in a nursing home. Companies like Right at Home In-Home Care Franchise lead the way, and many are expanding rapidly to meet the demands of a changing population.

But what about job satisfaction? How can you explain that? After all, in an industry with so many older clients, you might expect the work to be depressing. What franchise owners report, though, is that the work is much more rewarding than a lot of other jobs. The owners typically work in their businesses rather than owning chains of franchises and spending minimal time with the workers. They get to see the difference their help makes, and how it allows people to feel more independent and stay in their own homes.

Their employees might also account for some of the satisfaction. Many people working in home-care have chosen it as their career, rather than as a stopping point on the way to a career (as is often the case with restaurant and retail work). They’re also people who have willingly chosen a career that helps other people, which speaks volumes about their overall compassion. Working with good, kind-hearted people is enough to increase anyone’s career satisfaction.

If you’re undecided on a franchise type, give senior care a chance before ruling it out. It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you.


Why Restaurant Franchises Succeed More Often

Why Restaurant Franchises Succeed More Often odds of succeeding in the restaurant business are low, especially if you’ve never run a restaurant before.  In fact, most estimates I’ve read say you’re more likely to fail than to succeed when it comes to opening a restaurant. However, there are things you can do to improve the odds. One of the easiest things you can do to improve your odds of success is to start a franchise instead of an independent restaurant.

Why? Well first off, let me emphasize that not all restaurant franchises are good – and the failure rate for restaurants is still high. There’s just no way around that fact. What a franchise does, though, is give you access to a team of people who know the market. In most cases, they’ve opened dozens, if not hundreds of the exact same restaurant concept, giving them a pretty good idea about what it takes to succeed. They can help you choose a market where you’re likely to do well, right down to the specific real estate you choose.

Beyond that, working with a restaurant franchise also gives you help in other areas. Instead of wondering how to market your restaurant, you get access to a team that can guide you.  They also take a lot of the work out by having designers who have already created logos, and you may have a local mini-site on a larger corporate page.

Another related benefit is the fact that many franchise systems have multiple locations in a given market. Although it’s not necessarily efficient for a single restaurant to buy TV commercials or do direct mail in a metro area, it often becomes efficient when there are multiple restaurants in an area. You gain economies of scale without actually having to have scale all by yourself.

In some cases, restaurant franchises also benefit from better pricing and group discounts that have been negotiated by the franchisor. Every little bit helps when you’re trying to be profitable, so don’t overlook the benefits of discounts like that, even if they seem small.

If you’re considering a restaurant franchise, be sure to inquire about all of these things. Find out how much help the franchise offers, as it can vary widely from one company to another.

Why Potential Franchisees Need to Be Careful

Why Potential Franchisees Need to Be Careful

Owning a franchise can be a great way to get into business without having to re-invent the wheel. It’s nice to have an established brand and all its support as you get started. However, it can also be a would-be entrepreneur’s worst nightmare. There are literally thousands of companies that franchise their business model, and as with anything, only some of them are good. Even more than that, only some of them will be a good fit for you personally.

Think about it this way – When you open a franchise, you’re putting in all the money to get the business off the ground. It’s your money hanging in the balance if things go south. The franchisor has relatively little at risk because the fees you pay to get started are locked in. In many cases, the franchisor would actually make MORE money if you went out of business and they were able to re-sell your territory to someone else the next year, then another person the next year, and so on.  Not every franchise system works that way, but if you aren’t paying close attention, it’s something you might not notice.

How can you protect yourself?

  • Remember that you can negotiate your franchise agreement. Don’t sign until you’re happy with the deal.
  • Be wary of any situation where the franchisor doesn’t have a strong incentive to see you succeed.
  • Do your research online. Look for stories from other franchisees, and remember that the bigger the company, the more complaints you’ll see.  If it’s a small company and you see a ton of complaints, or if you see valid complaints that come up over and over again, check out some of the competitors. There might be a better fit.
  • Find out who would be your contact for the franchisor. Make sure it’s a good personality fit. True, people come and go at companies, but it’s helpful to at least START with someone who works well with you.

Any other suggestions? Feel free to leave them in the comments!